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My names Tammy,
Thank you for being here.

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Marble Surface

My Story

I am a Mother of two, a Partner to a beautiful Man, a Daughter, a Sister, a Friend,  a Business owner and ...

I am a life coach and the creator of IT'S YOUR TIME.

I work with women to help rediscover themselves through a process of steps and mindfulness. To pause self-damaging thoughts. Rediscovering happiness within themselves and eliminating the feeling of not feeling good enough. Giving more time and energy to think about what makes your soul happy.

If your anything like me, you might think this all sounds amazing, but where do I start? I hear you.

7 years ago, I found myself feeling and wondering the same thing! I wondered what had happened to my life. Then something shifted, and I realised I wasn't actually living MY life; I was walking it. I began to question...

I never felt good enough within myself or my marriage.

Why do I feel so alone, and how can I change this feeling?

Nobody should feel this ???? / stuck... Should they????

Was there more to life than this?

From there, it all started.

I knew it was MY TIME.

I started simply by saying yes to me.

It's been an exciting rediscovery through self-improvement, meditation, savouring, self-love and a whole lot of gratitude.

My passion for helping you comes from my own self-discovery and 32 years of hairdressing, listening and noticing.

No matter how successful we are in life, what we see on the outside, it's rarely what we feel on the inside.

It's an amazing feeling when friends come up to me and say, what have you done! You are so different... happy...

I truly believe that when you become happier within yourself, you impact others- the ripple effect is amazing. We can become better at being a Mum, Daughter, Partner, Friend but, most importantly, happier within ourselves EVERY DAMN DAY.

If you're still here with me, I want you to know that I can see you, hear you, believe in you even when you don't believe in yourself, and I look forward to serving you soon.

Marble Surface


 I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Phone: 0414855248