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What is it to feel "I'M ALL WOMEN"?

Updated: May 19, 2022

I'll be honest @ 52; I'm not sure I still know!

I know that when we share our stories, it is powerful. So often, we have commonalities; it can feel as if a part of our own story is being told. Sharing our stories as women can help another to overcome their struggles.

Let's celebrate women, every woman as we are! Listening to stories without judgement to help make our lives richer, feeding and nurturing, finding happiness in our lives, body, mind and soul and stop judging what should be.

Wouldn't it be great to celebrate a women's true essence just as we are?

Wise from years of learning and knowledge gained.

Intuitive, vulnerable, courageous, nurturing, loving, caring, kind, witty, bold, powerful, soft, playful, sexy, and I encourage you to add more to this list.

Lets start by acknowledging...

As we go through different stages and ages, a lot of change's often the way we feel have come from years of listening to the programming of the way a woman should be or act.

Stories we have told ourselves from watching and listening to others ( Look at advertising, don't get me started!!!) We often get caught up comparing our bodies and lives. We held on to these stories like truths, Yet what are they really?? I say they are BS lies and yes, I too told myself them for years, sometimes still catch myself out.

We need to start breaking these stories and patterns and start being kind to ourselves and other women. We are not broken. We don't need fixing, and we are all we need to be. We need to believe that! We are all we need to be as we are, and if something needs changing, let it be the way we speak about ourselves.

Let's stop holding ourselves back with negative self-talk?

I'm not going to speak up because who am I? "Not good enough."

I'll go to the ....... as soon as I'm in size x clothing? "Body shaming"

They aren't going to like me. "You're not worthy."

Unrealistic expectations "That you can't achieve so you give up."

I'll never have or look like her "Judgement or Comparing."

What changes or thoughts could break this old pattern?

Start with little steps.

If you can't say something nice about yourself yet! That's ok; just don't put yourself down either.

Ask why are you thinking that way? Is it true?

Smile at your reflection in the mirror as often as you can, tell her she's more than ok.

Notice something you do like.

Stop judgement on yourself or other women.

Acknowledge your wins, and acknowledge other women's wins.

Think of all the things you have lived through.

Avoid conversations that put others down.

Lift other women up for their efforts or achievements, not what they look like.

Learn and grow from those women you admire. (I have no doubt that others think that of you)

Do things that light you up.

Have a good laugh with like-minded friends.

You've had your stories/patterns for years, step by step up for success. But they are not going to stop overnight!

Step by step, one thought at a time.

Become the woman you know in your heart you are and can be once you believe in yourself.

Lift other women up too.

So have I answered what it feel's like "I'M ALL WOMAN?"

Truthfully I can't put my finger on it, I know some of the things to stop doing and some of the things to start doing, and again I feel even at 52; I'm only learning now how to come back to me. I cannot articulate what it is to be ALL WOMAN, yet I strive to keep this conversation going to learn, grow and share. I know one thing the older I get, the less I worry about what others think. Wouldn't it be great to teach others that?

I love listening everyday as we get more connected as woman and what we see and believe of ourselves it gives great hope for the future of our daughters.

Let's live the life we want to create what it is to feel ALL WOMAN and share with others.

This song often comes to mind

Helen Reddy

I am women

Thank you for being all you are, and know you were born to shine; nobody can do you better. x

If you would like to join what is a small group at this stage, I'm all women. It is a safe space where we can keep this conversation going. link below

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