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Hey there!

The power of transformation

I'm so glad you found your way here because it means you're ready to make a positive change in your life. Let's dive in and bring back that sparkle you've been missing!


Do you ever feel like you've lost touch with the vibrant, confident woman you used to be? Trust me, I've been there too, and it's totally normal. Life can sometimes throw us off balance and leave us feeling drained, overwhelmed, and unsure of our next steps.


But guess what? You don't have to navigate this journey alone. I'm here to be your personal cheerleader, confidante, and partner-in-crime as we rediscover your true self and create a life that brings you joy.


Think of me as your supportive best friend, ready to listen without judgment and offer guidance along the way. I've spent 32 years as a hairdresser, hearing stories of triumphs, struggles, and everything in between from incredible women like you. I know that what you see on the outside doesn't always reflect what's happening on the inside. It's time to focus on your happiness, which starts from within.


Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey. We'll explore mindfulness, motivation, and meditation to help you find clarity and reduce stress. We'll dig deep to uncover forgotten dreams and reignite your passion for life. I'll be right by your side, cheering you on and helping you create a plan that turns those dreams into reality.


And guess what? There's no need to worry about judgment or pressure here. I'm here to provide a safe space where you can be your authentic self. This is your journey, and I'm honoured to be a part of it.


Curious to learn more? Let's hop on a call and get to know each other better. It's a complimentary 30-minute chat, completely confidential, and there's zero obligation. Just a pure, genuine conversation where you can ask any questions you may have.


Click the button below to book your free "Getting To Know You" chat. I'm beyond excited to meet you and embark on this incredible journey of self-discovery and reigniting your spark!

Rediscover Your Spark: Let's Reignite Your Life Together


Life Coach

with Tammy.

"Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think"   Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh

Book in for a 2023 Chat

Would you love to feel seen and heard?

Is there something on your mind?

Maybe you want someone to listen and feel acknowledged. If this is you, book in for a virtual chat, we can make a cuppa, and I will provide that space for you.


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let us have a coffee together Book in here

 Book a getting-to-know-you chat


Book a virtual coffee chat

We can have tea or coffee together to find out how I can best serve you.


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