I believe
the biggest investment
you can make in your life
is in yourself.


Coaching with Tammy.

 I'm happy your here.

I imagine if you're here, You know you want to make a change and are ready for the first steps. I am so excited for you.

I know you have been busy, you are more than likely successful in your work and careers, and you do so much for others, and I'm sure you've loved doing it all. So externally, it looks like you've got it all right?


Yet internally, your just not feeling what you show on the outside? Have you not been feeling like you lately? Feeling a bit tired? Possibly not sure whats your next move is? Do you want to get back and reclaim your time? Have you decided it's your time to reconnect back to you? Would you like to re-energise your life and awaken some of those sleeping dreams? If you've been feeling any of those things, maybe I might be the right coach for you.


I was a hairdresser for 32 years; in that time, I listened to heartfelt story's challenges and triumphs. But, I heard that no matter how successful we are in life, what is rarely seen on the outside is how we feel on the inside. I want to help change that because I believe happiness is an inside job. Sometimes we lose our way and need to be heard and feel enough, and sometimes we need to give back to ourselves and start to create the next steps to live our dreams.

I work with women to help rediscover themselves through a process of steps and mindfulness. To pause self-damaging thoughts. Rediscovering happiness within themselves and eliminating the feeling of not feeling good enough, giving more time and energy to think about what makes your soul happy without feeling selfish or guilty.

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Simple steps to bring your awareness back to your breath and bring back the calm state of mind, anywhere, anytime.

Why be mindful?
Mindfulness practices could help us increase our ability to regulate emotions decrease stress, feelings of anxiousness and depression. This practice simply brings in the beautiful memory that lifts you, warms your heart, changes how you feel inside and always makes you smile.
It also allows us to focus our attention and observe our thoughts and feelings without judgment, notice the feeling that comes up, then bring in your memory and notice those feelings change.

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How would you like to manage anxiousness, fear, overwhelm, stress?


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